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Down the Track Newsletter February 2019

Posted on Feb 26, 2019 by pmgmedia

The last weekend of summer and the halcyon days of endless sunshine have given way to something a little less impressive, signalling the change of seasons eg. rough surf driven by strong onshore winds as above. Patrolling members can expect more consistent surf from now on, but often beautiful weather as well. And speaking of patrols ………………

PATROLS: Attendance has generally been good with those unable to attend making the effort to get a substitute. At the time of writing we still have one patrol inspection to go so make sure all the equipment is on the beach, radios are in radio bags, and uniforms are worn (patrol caps preferably on your head, or in your pocket). Thanks also to patrol members for assisting with Nippers on Sunday mornings. The children and parents appreciate the support.

COMPETITION: There are two rounds of the club championships still to run. Round 2 will be held next Saturday 2 March 2019 starting at 10am. Events include surf race. sprint, flags, board and ironperson (so politically correct!) in Open, Junior and Cadet categories. We had a good field for the Open in the first round and would like to see the participants back up, especially the Women. The final round will be held on Saturday 16 March 2019 starting at 10am.

AWARDS: We are doing well in terms of numbers of awards this season and a further Bronze squad consisting of locals has commenced training. It has been very pleasing to see the number of local residents involved in the club, in addition to Nipper parents. An exam for IRB crew and drivers will be held on 9/2/19 and they have our best wishes for success.

NIPPERS: The success story of the season! A further 4 children have joined taking the number registered to 31. There are a lot of happy little faces on the beach after 9am on a Sunday and our thanks to all the parents participating. The club has approved the purchase of boogie boards with handles which should be welcomed by the younger nippers.

SOCIAL NEWS: Our resident impresario, The Rt Hon Nick Fewtrell aka the Social Secretary, has advised that the Presentation Night will be held at Pittwater RSL Club on Saturday 25 May 2019. Please put this event in your social diary. Invitations are being prepared and further information will be advised shortly. Anyone who can assist with raffle prizes please ring or text Nick on 0416 469 764.

CLUBHOUSE: This is a constant request but please keep the club tidy! There are times when it resembles a bad day at Kimbriki tip. If you have a barbecue please clean the barbecue when you finish, wash up utensils and put condiments, supplies and cutlery away in the cupboards under the sink. Also note it is up to members, not the caretaker or other unfortunate, to put rubbish from the garbage bins into the Council bins. On a positive note Tony Hyde has organized with Streamlined Kitchens to carry out a major refit of the kitchen, with the aid of grant funds, which is due to commence in April. Thanks to Aidan and Amber plus Sacha for the "new" couches in the hall; New plastic chairs are also to be purchased to replace our rapidly dwindling supply; The TV aerial has been modified and we can now hopefully receive all channels.


1969 and a club "cleanup" method which was way short of today's environmental standards! The members involved are in silhouette to protect the guilty.

Club fridges would invariably succumb to the ravage of the salt air and would have to be disposed of. The favoured method was to carry the deceased out onto the rock shelf next to Dangar and heave it into the cove. Invariably it would never be seen again, either due to divine intervention or currents which carried the offending item into deeper water. We never knew ………………….

Hasta la vista dear reader!

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